Acting Irish International Theatre Festival
Is an annual festival of full-length Irish plays performed by Irish community theatre companies from Canada, US and Ireland.
The festival was started in 1994 and is hosted by a different member group each year.

AIITF 16 Ltrhead


Congrats to Milwaukee Irish Arts for hosting an excellent festival this year! 

The Irish Players of Rochester will host the 2017 Acting Irish International Theatre Festival

Stay tuned for more information as it comes available.

Here is a breakdown of the nominees and award winners from Milwaukee:

Outstanding Actor in supporting role:
Dylan Bolin - Plough and the Stars
Mark John Donahue for The Seafarer
Mick McEvilley for The Weir
Winner:  Mark John Donahue
Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role
Liz Shipe for the Plough and the Stars
Marssie Mencotti for The Cheek
Bridget Christianson for Shadow of a Gunman
Winner:  Marssie Mencotti
Outstanding Actor in Lead Role
Jerod Blake for Eden
Denis Holmes for Hooked
Quinn Greene for Last Days of Cleopatra
Winner:  Jerod Blake
Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role
Katelyn Morishita  for Eden
Neasa McCann for Chapatti
Peggy Hamilton for Last Days of Cleopatra
Winner:  Peggy Hamilton
Outstanding Director
Tanya Wolff for Eden
Ken Moroney for Chapatti
Noam Gonick for Last Days of Cleopatra
Winner:  Noam Gonick
Outstanding Production
The Seafarer
The Last Days of Cleopatra
Winner:  Eden
Adjudicator Award:
For generating the greatest jolt of audience energy in the room:
The Irish Players of Rochester and their Production of The Seafarer

2016 Festival Schedule of Performances (subject to change)
Tuesday, May 24
The Plough and the Stars, by Sean O'Casey
Milwaukee Irish Arts
Milwaukee, WI
Wednesday, May 25
The Cheek, by Jim Lynch
Magpie Theatre Company
Chicago, IL
Wednesday, May 25
Eden, by Eugene O'Brien
Liffey Players Drama Society
Calgary, AB
Thursday, May 26
Chapatti, by Christian O'Reilly
Heads on Stage
Dublin, IR
 Thursday, May 26
The Shadow of a Gunman, by Sean O'Casey
Gaelic Park Players
Chicago, IL
Friday, May 27
The Seafarer, Conor McPherson
Irish Players of Rochester
Rochester, NY
Friday, May 27
Hooked!, by Gillian Grattan
Irish Theatre of Florida
Delray Beach, FL
Saturday, May 28
The Weir, by Conor McPherson
Irish American Theatre Company
Cincinnati, OH
Saturday, May 28 8pm The Last Days of Cleopatra, by Laoisa Sexton
Tara Players
Winnipeg, MB